SciREX Core Contents is.

"The Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy" is an emerging discipline where policy and research interact and develop in order to make science, technology and innovation (STI) policy more evidence-based.

The Core Contents on this website provides the knowledge that is fundamental to understanding the Science of STI Policy.

It is intended for students who are new to the Science of STI Policy, as well as for policy makers and practitioners involved in STI policy.

Chapters of CoreContents (for further detail, please refer to the Index. )

  • 0. Introduction  
  • 1. Dynamics of Science, Technology, and Innovation  
  • 2. What is STI policy?  
  • 3. STI and Society  
  • 4. Socio-economic Impact Assessment of STI Policies  
  • 5. History and Overseas Information of STI Policy